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Roland D-550 Synthesizer Sound Module

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Perfect Circuit Audio (RSS)

Emu Proteus 3 World Sound Module

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Korg R3 Synthesizer/Vocoder SN 005223

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Teenage Engineering OP1

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Novation Supernova II

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1978 Korg MS-10 Synthesizer

Korg MS-10 by subterraneans1977

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Doepfer A-137-1 Wave Multiplier 1 with SynthTech Knobs

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"A-137 is a voltage controlled Wave Multiplier. The basic idea of a wave multiplier is to multiply the waveform of an incoming signal (e.g. triangle/saw/sine from a VCO) within one period of the waveform. This leads to additional harmonics of the incoming signal. The period and consequently the pitch of the signals remains unchanged (in contrast to frequency multiplication e.g. with a PLL module. The A-137 works as a kind of "inverse low pass filter", i.e. it adds a lot of harmonics to a signal that contains none or only a few harmonics (e.g. sine or triangle waveform). Consequently the best results are obtained in combination with input signals poor in harmonics (e.g. sine or triangle). The A-137 can be used with signals rich in harmonics too (e.g. saw) but the effect is not as remarkable as for triangle or sine waves. For rectangle signals none or only little effects are obtained.

The A-137 is a sophisticated wave multiplier that offers much more features, more controls and more waveform manipulations than other wave multipliers available so far. In addition all parameters are both manually adjusted and controlled by external voltages. These are the features of the module:


Input Level (to adjust the input level for best effect of the succeeding controls)

Multiples (number of waveform multiplications, manual control)

Harmonics (additional effect that adds more harmonics similar to the resonance/emphasis control of filters, manual control)

Folding Level (controls upper and lower folding level, manual control)

Symmetry (controls symmetry between upper and lower folding level, manual control)


Audio In (also suitable for control signals)

Multiples CV In (with attenuator)

Harmonics CV In (with attenuator)

Folding Level CV In (with attenuator)

Symmetry CV In (with attenuator)

Audio Out (resp. processed control signal output)

The Multiples parameter (manual and ext. CV) defines the number of basic wave multiplications within one period. With the Folding Level and Symmetry parameter (both manual and ext. CV) the upper and lower clipping levels of the wave folder units are controlled. The Harmonics parameter (manual and ext. CV) adds some harmonic content by sharpening the waveform edges and adding overshoot peaks. It works a little bit like the resonance control of a VCF. The module is fully DC coupled, i.e. even control signal can be processed with the modules."

Intellijel Dixie oscillator (VCO/LFO)

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"Do not let the small size fool you, this is a very powerful full featured and precise vco in a tiny package. The core is a completely new type of vco design created by Intellijel, and is capable of producing a wide variety of sounds.

- triangle core (superior for musical fm sounds)
- hi range (vco): 1hz to 24khz
- lo range (lfo): 0.01hz (100 seconds) to 240hz
- precise tracking within 0.1% over 8 octaves
- 6 waveforms, including: triangle, sine, sawtooth, pulse (with pwm), square (50% duty cycle), and a unique “zigzag” waveform.
- reversing sync (which can be made into soft sync with an external vca or attenuator)
- jumper on pcb to select center or edge triggered pwm
- header on pcb for connecting master voice controller (e.g. control of multiple dixies in a polyphonic configuration)"

Pittsburgh Modular Oscillator (VCO)

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"A wide range, high quality, 8hp utility VCO. It offers a full complement of standard waveforms including Sine, Triangle, Saw, and Pulse waves. The Oscillator offers 5 octaves of 1 volt per octave tracking, and a frequency range starting as low as 7 seconds per cycle, allowing it to double as an LFO. Additional features include oscillator reset for hard syncing, attenuated linear FM input, pulse width, and pulse width CV input.

Excellent logarithmic conformance
Temperature compensated 1 volt per octave operation
Simultaneous sawtooth, pulse, triangle, and sine wave outputs
Sawtooth wave based oscillator circuit
PWM Input: 0% to 100%
Hard sync input
below audio frequency operation.
Size: 8hp
Module depth with ribbon cable attached: 35mm
Power Usage: 30mA"


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"The Orb is an easy to use, single track, step-based digital sequencer, ideal for controlling our XS semi-modular synthesizer as well as other analog CV/Gate or MIDI synthesizers. The Orb is also a perfect solution for controlling 303 clones which often lack the essential sequencer..."

Korg MEX-8000 Expander

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"For DW-8000 EX-8000 Poly 800 EX 800.

4 extra banks for fast transfer to the synth. Very Rare Item!!

Fully tested and working with mains adaptor (supplied). Works intermittently on batteries - battery holder looks like it needs a clean.

Good used condition, a few marks and wear and tear..."

Tiptop Audio Z8000 Matrix Sequencer

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"Totally insane sequencer module - Not only do you get two seperate but interrelated 16 step sequences but you also get eight 4-step sequences on the horizontal and vertical. Each sequence can be clocked, reset and reversed seperately and it's a veritable cornucopia of blinkenlights. It's very hypnotic! Anyway, light use, excellent condition aside from a tiny amount of rack rash..."

Make Noise Rene Cartesian sequencer

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"So yeah, here's one of the sequencer modules put out by the unstoppably amazing and great Make Noise. Rene's really good - as you can see there's two matrices here, one of pots (which light up when the step is active in a manner that can only be described as "really cool") and the other a grid of touch sensitive pads which you use to program what's going on, play specific steps, and so on and so forth. Two separate clock inputs give you lots of control in how the sequences moves around, plus there's a quantised and an unquantised output and two gate outputs for each axis. Like all Make Noise stuff it looks amazing and is highly desirable but I've officially run out of space and money so it needs to go to it's next loving home. It's in excellent condition, doesn't even have the rack rash you'd get on a module with a metal faceplate..."

Harvestman Hertz Donut

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"Two digital oscillators, one of which is used to modulate the other in a variety of ways, plus waveshaping on the primary osc and a whole load of FM options. It's quite good, it is..."

Yamaha CS01 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

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Korg Poly-800 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer

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Casio CZ 101 with Original Box & Manuals

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