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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Make Noise Rene Cartesian sequencer

via this auction

"So yeah, here's one of the sequencer modules put out by the unstoppably amazing and great Make Noise. Rene's really good - as you can see there's two matrices here, one of pots (which light up when the step is active in a manner that can only be described as "really cool") and the other a grid of touch sensitive pads which you use to program what's going on, play specific steps, and so on and so forth. Two separate clock inputs give you lots of control in how the sequences moves around, plus there's a quantised and an unquantised output and two gate outputs for each axis. Like all Make Noise stuff it looks amazing and is highly desirable but I've officially run out of space and money so it needs to go to it's next loving home. It's in excellent condition, doesn't even have the rack rash you'd get on a module with a metal faceplate..."

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