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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blacet Research 2010 (Klang Werk) Frac Rack Synthesizer Module

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"Blacet Research 2010 Klang Werk Frac Rack Synthesizer module. Perfect working condition and cosmetically flawless - rack rash at screw holes. Auction includes Blacet power cable and mounting screws.

Klang Werk is a high quality balanced (or “ring”) modulator with a number of built in features making it more versatile than the usual synth module. It’s more like an effect box, although it is right at home in any modular system. Klang Werk includes a voltage controlled sine to complex waveform carrier generator, a signal preamp, a signal envelope follower, and an output mix control.

A balanced modulator takes two signals (“signal” and “carrier”) and multiplies them together, producing their sum and difference frequencies. The original signals are removed from the output. The result is often used to produce bell like clang tones. The world of the equally tempered scale seems to vanish, to be replaced by an alien sonic landscape filled with moments of unearthly beauty and savage cacophony."

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