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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Make Noise Maths

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"First version of the legendary Maths module, with red LEDs for the function generators. An absolute boatload of uses in this'un. Now this one does have a slight fault on it - The middle top knob, for the first attenuverter, is a little bit wobbly so while it does work it does need to be pushed in slightly for it to do so. All the other channels work as advertised so while there is a slight reduction in overall functionality you do still get the lovely AD generators with the variable curves and all the other goodness you've come to know and love from this highly regarded module. If you're a whizz with the soldering iron it's probably relatively easy to fix. A lot of the early Make Noise stuff had slightly waggly controls and this is just an unfortunate effect of that. They've gotten a lot better recently. So please be aware of this issue while bidding!.."

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