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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Univox Mini Korg Synthesizer SN 1499

via this auction

- Volume vertical slider
- 2 Traveler horizontal sliders
- 2 vertical sliders for Attack/Slow and Percussion/Singing
- 2 knobs -- Scale and Waveform
- 8 vertical switches -- Expand, Bright, Sustain, Bender, Repeat, Vibrato, Delay Vibrato, and Portamento
- 4 vertical sliders controlling Vibrato function -- Repeat, Speed, Depth, Portamento
- Power switch
- Vertical Pitch slider

On the reverse side of it, you'll find its specs and serial number (S/N 1499) are listed. Unit is equipped with AC 117 two prong US compatible plug and two 1/4" output ports, one each for line out and headphones..."

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