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Thursday, July 25, 2013


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"The Hard Mod Analog Ribbon Synth is a new breed of handmade synthesizers that uses an intuitive ribbon controller to create amazing tones and thrilling pitch-shifting sounds.
It packs 4 waveforms and a sweet variable Filter. With its 50cm ribbon controller you have plenty of room for play manipulation during performance, and additionally you can control the Analog Ribbon Synth externally via CV-Gate input (1V/Oct).
The Analog Ribbon Synth is superbly crafted with a solid wooden enclosure and aluminium faceplate that represents an exceptional antique appearance.
Vintage Styling, Ribbon Profiling, Fully Analog and Killer Sound!
· Handmade Pure Analog Ribbon Synthesizer
· VCO (Saw, Tri, Square, Sine & PWM)
· Variable Filter (LPF/BPF/HPF)
· Envelope Generator AD type
· 3 LFO (Sine & Square)
· CV Input (Controlled VCO 1V/Oct)
· Ribbon measures 50cm (127 inches)
· 3 Octave 1/2
· AC 110/240V Input"

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