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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Simmons SDS 200 Percussion Synthesizer

via this auction

"Excellent condition for a vintage unit (1985). 2 channel “tom” unit, which can make a variety of drum sounds (bass, snare, electro percussion, white noise hi-hats, etc).

A small Simmons drum expander unit that complements the SDS 400 or 800, or any other electronic drum setup. 1/4" trigger inputs and 1/4" audio output for each sound. Attached and grounded 120V power cord, power switch, and headphones jack (1/4"). Triggerable using a voltage or sound source, it has a controller for trigger sensitivity with adjacent red led that lights up when triggered. Sound shaping controls arethe same for each channel as can be seen in the pictures. With all those controls, a complex range of sounds can be produced. The unit has been tested triggered with drum pads or the sound output from another drum machine. I did notice that the trigger sensitivity for tom 1 was a little more sensitive than tom 2, that is, I had to increase the trigger sensitivity controller more for channel 2 than channel 1 (~ ¼ of a turn) to obtain the same sound from both channels when their other controllers were set to identical values."

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