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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lot of Synth DIY Parts

via this auction
via the seller: "I am moving and beginning work on my PhD and do have time nor room for this stuff anymore. You are bidding on the support materials for my 15 year hobby in building, tweaking, modifying analog synthesizers, audio component creation, circuit bending, kit making, etc. It would be too time consuming to list everything. Many parts are new, some vintage, some are quite valuable but I don't have time to dig around and see what those are individually, so don't ask, please. I was fairly well known in the Analogue Heaven online (and personal) community in the 90s and bought, repaired, and sold plenty of Moog, Serge, ARP, Yamaha, etc., back in the day. This repair and experimentation kit was used throughout that period. I built lots of my own modules as well as those from Blacet, Paia, etc.

There are hundreds of parts (maybe over a thousand; I am not sure) most of which are new, including:

diodes (lots)
trannies (lots; inc. 2N3094 matched pair and a few other rare Moog-specific types)
ICs (about 30; again, some are valuable, some run of the mill)
resistors (hundreds of new ones)
capacitors (extensive; most brand new)
kits (Datakits Touch/Switch plate, Color Organ, Voice Changer; all complete)
Cinch Jones (2 pin Mini Moog, 6 pin ARP 2600)
5 pin DIN plugs and jacks
Jameco JE24 Breadboard
Molex connectors
IC boards (several)
Potentiometers (several new; all types)
toggles, buttons and switches (many types; several new)
Jacks/sockets (mostly 1/4", some 1/8", some banana, some RCA)
alligator clips
pre-cut color coded wires
knobs (all types)
rotary phone dial
etc (heatshrink tubing, velcro, solder, wiring)

If you are just getting into all things analog, this is a great starting point. If you're experienced, this will expand your kit with plenty of go-to repair items. Comes with everything shown in the pictures, including storage cases, paperwork for kits, etc. This is a tough item to price, so I'm starting at $49.99 to see where it goes. I think these materials cost over $1000 new. Feel free to ask questions, but please don't ask if there is something like a hidden gem SEM chip in there, because there won't be. I already checked."

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