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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Yamaha CS6x Synthesizer w/ PLG-150AN

via this auction
via the seller:
"The CS6x was the Big Daddy to Yamaha's legendary CS1x and CS2x synths (both of which I owned previously). It's a fully featured, 16 part multitimbral synth with effects and a sampler - it really is something of a powerhorse.

I bought Yamaha's PLG150-AN analog modelling expansion card for the synth (which alone cost around £250) which basically makes the CS6x a fully fledged analog modelling synth based on Yamaha's hugely respected synth the AN1x, complete with all the squelches and crazy LFOs that go with that. A downloadable editor lets you really get inside the sounds of this synth as well if you are using a PC with it. "

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