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Friday, October 01, 2010

Yamaha SHS-10 Keytar

via this auction

"Yamaha SHS-10 Keytar Digital FM Keyboard with MIDI out including original strap. Not only does it have 25 FM voices, 25 rhythms (inc intros & fills, synchro start & end), a chord sequencer, auto bass & chord modes and a transpose button, it has a pitch bend wheel and buttons for vibrato, portamento (slide) and sustain! Oh yes, an excellent Wham! demo tune (swoon).

And it can be used as a MIDI controller - probably one of the cheapest ways of getting a highly portable controller and, of course, one with such inimitable style. With this keytar's MIDI out socket, you can control external MIDI instruments. I have used this keyboard to play a 'proper' hardware synth, change programmes, add modulation and pitch bend - outstanding!! This was easy to set up but you can download the manual here for full operating instructions and specifications.

The all-important battery cover is present (you wouldn't want to risk the batteries tumbling out while you're in the middle of a solo, playing the keytar behind your head, would you?) and battery compartment clean and rust-free (see pic).

It takes 6 xAAs (not included) and has a socket for an AC adapter. It also has a 1/4" socket for headphones/aux out, which cuts out the built-in speaker when a plug is inserted - handy if you use it as a MIDI controller."

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