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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Korg Electribe A MkII EA-1MkII Sequencer Synthesizer

via this auction
"The Electribe A MkII lets you create analog synthesizer sounds intuitively, using the panel knobs and keys. In addition to the analog synth sounds that have been acclaimed around the world, it also contains numerous patterns for the dance music styles for immediate use.

The Electribe A MkII is a compact synthesizer that lets you create the sounds and phrases indispensable for today's club scene, from warm and fat analog synthesizer sounds to aggressively distorted sounds. Simply by turning the knobs you can tweak analog sounds to your heart's content.

You can create sequence phrases consisting of two synthesizer parts, and save the sound of each part together with its sequence phrase as one of 256 patterns. Combinations of patterns together with knob movements and other settings and saved as one of sixteen songs."

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