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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simmons SDS-800 Analogue Drum Synth

via this auction
"Simmons SDS-800 percussion synth. The SDS-800 features 4 vintage analog drum voices/sounds that can be modified in various ways by the onboard controls. The sounds this machine produces are perfect for techno and electronic music. Each sound has a trigger input and can be triggered from a midi/cv converter or drum machine with trigger outputs. Its also possible to trigger the sounds with an audio source such as a drum machine audio outputs (eg. Roland TR-707, Yamaha RX-5). Please have a listen to my demo's (link below) which feature this unit being triggered by my TR-707's audio outputs. Its important to be aware that this unit does not have a built in sequencer and it must be triggered from something else like a TR-707."

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