Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Siel PX electronic piano/synth

via this auction
"This keyboard is a very high quality constructed stage piano/synth. It has 72 keys in roughly the same footprint as your typical 61 key synth.

The front panel is very basic and has controls for: Chorus, Bass, Tremolo, and Master. There are 10 preset sound banks. The banks are labeled 1-10 instead of by instrument, which does suggest you could edit the sounds, but we don't know how. As it is the keyboard DOES NOT have MIDI or any other kind of computer connection...

The keys are of the more desired "waterfall" piano style keys. All the keys are in excellent condition showing no signs of mal-alignment. They have a great 'synth' feel to them and have a distinctive low 'click' sound. This indicates that the keybed probably doesn't use rubber contacts, but rather metal ones. The keys have yellowed in time, but the discoloring is even."

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