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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sequential Circuits MAX keyboard controller / synth

via this auction

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Winning bid: US $102.50

From the description:

I bought this Sequential Circuits MAX synth/controller back in 1986; I used it for a couple years to sketch ideas and make quick demos.

Since then it has sat in a closet and no longer makes sound.

In the spirit of recycling, I'm hoping someone can use it as a MIDI controller, a keyboard shell (to install your own synth inside) or for replacement parts: Thus the low starting bid.

Some collect the chips and use them for DIY synths, circuit-bending, and other projects, so this might be useful in that regard as well.

- Keyboard powers on, but does not produce any sound.
- All keys play evenly.
- When powered up, two of six track lights come on; patch number light does not light up.
- I don't use MIDI, so I did not test whether it can send/receive MIDI data.
- All keys are present and work well.
- Unit is solid, mostly metal (sides & keys are thick plastic), and well-made with no cracks or dents.

You are bidding on:
- MAX keyboard, as is
- original manual + power supply