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Monday, February 15, 2010


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** Yamaha CX5MII 128 Music Computer
** FM Voicing Program II Cartridge
** Original Box
** Original Mouse (MU-01)
** Floppy Disk Interface Cable (FD-051)
** Original Owner's Manual
** FM Music Composer Manual (copy)
** MSX BASIC Reference Manual (copy)
** Original Disk Drive Manual
** Original MU-01 Mouse Manual
** Built-in SFG-05 sound module (MIDI IN, MIDI OUT and AUDIO IN/OUT ports)

Yamaha CX5MII 128

The nicest model in the CX5M series!

The CX5MII/128 was the third Yamaha MSX computer and was aimed squarely at the music market. It has additional memory, but is very similar in operation to the original CX5M.

Fundamentally, it's a Yamaha 4OP synth, so think DX100 et al.

The main difference is the presence of the SFG-05 sound module offering the ability to use a MIDI controller keyboard instead of the YK-01/10/20 series keyboards.

All CX5 software will run on it.

Manufacturer : Yamaha
Date : 1985"

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