Monday, February 15, 2010

Commodore 64 Synthesizer w/Software + MIDI LSDJ

via this auction

"1x Pristine condition Commodore 64 computer in ORIGINAL BOX (cleaned/tested)

---Original Commodore 64 power supply/AV cables INCLUDED!!

1x RARE/Original Boxed! Sight and Sound "Incredible Musical Keyboard" Piano Overlay

1x RARE brand new/packaged "Cynthcart" cartridge which turns the Commodore 64 into a standalone synthesizer with selectable presets! NO MONITOR NEEDED! (unless you wanted to adjust the parameters) Leads/Basses/Chords you name it!

1x RARE AMIGA MIDI conversion box (does not work with the commodore 64 but is included in the auction) UNTESTED/SOLD AS IS!"

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