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Monday, June 08, 2009

Paia Modular Synth

Paia 2700 4700
"1 VCA
1 Oscilator
1 Control oscilator
1 Power Supply
the keyboard of course and the controller."

Paia block 4700 modular synth oscilator adsr
"What we have here is 2 Blocks the left one contains
2x Watt block
1 Envalope fallower
1 Adsr
1 Balanced modulator

The second Block the one on the right contains
1 Watt Block
2x Oscilators
1 transposer

These two Blocks are being sold together as the left needs the right to work the adsr correctly . You get all manuals and scematics for these moduals just incase you are a diy you can repair or modify these in the future."

Paia sequencer block 4700

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