Sunday, April 26, 2009

Doepfer MKE + 49 Tasten Keyboard

via this auction
"MIDI Keyboard made by Fatar (commissioned by Doepfer) with 49 velocity sensitive Keys and Aftertouch, also included is the Universal Midi Keyboard Electronic module (MKE). The keyboard was supposed to be part of a DIY project with never materialized. That's why I'm selling the keyboard. It is in perfect working order and cosmetic condition. The shipping cost is just an estimate. It's quite possible that it'll be lower than that. But I'll promise in case it would be higher I won't charge you for that.

The MKE allows the changing of the following parameters:
* Midi channel 1...16
* Transpose (lowest note in octave intervals, 0-12-24-36-48-60)
* Program change 0...127
* Controller number 0...127 resp. After touch
* Up (increment of the value shown in the display)
* Down (decrement of the value shown in the display)"

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