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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

x0xb0x TB-303 Bassline Analog Synthesizer Clone

via this auction
"The x0xb0x is a faithful reproduction of the Roland TB-303 Bassline synthesizer analong circuitry with some modern conveniences (such as MIDI) thrown in. If you're looking for authentic acid sound without having to mess with old / cantankerous gear then this is the box for you.

This x0xb0x was designed by Adafruit Industries and built / calibrated / tuned by Division 6.

* Analog circuitry cloned from original TB-303 for authentic sound
* MIDI / DIN Sync for connecting to your other gear
* Can transfer patterns to / from PC via USB
* Non-volatile memory; no backup battery required
* Can play notes directly from keyboard
* Extensive support community for bouncing ideas, mods and upgrades

Rear Panel I/O:
* MIDI In / Out / Thru
* DIN Sync In / Out
* CV Out
* Gate Out
* Line Out
* Headphone Out
* Mix In
* Power In"

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