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Saturday, December 20, 2008


via this auction
Polyphony - 16 Voices
Oscillators - 2 VSM oscillators: sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse and noise
LFO - 2 LFO's (triangle, sawtooth, random) control OSC 1 or 2, filter, pulse-width, ADSR envelope
Filter - 12 dB/oct 2-pole lowpass, 24dB/oct 4-pole lowpass / bandpass / highpass (both with cutoff, resonance, env amount, env velocity, key tracking, ADSR envelope)
VCA - ADSR envelope and Amplifier Gain control
Memory - 99 patches (59 preset, 40 user), 99 performances, 10 drum kits
Control - MIDI (4 parts), and all knobs and controls are MIDI!"

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