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Friday, December 19, 2008

MOTM-300 synthesizer module

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"MOTM-300: Ultra Voltage Controlled Oscillator The foundation of any synthesizer lies in it’s VCOs, and here again is where the MOTM system rises above the old and new modulars. The MOTM-300 Ultra VCO is the most accurate and stable analog VCO ever designed for music synthesizers. Previous VCOs used 1 or 2 simple temperature stabilization loops, or expensive heat-generating “ovens” to keep the pitch from drifting. The MOTM-300 uses five separate temperature compensation loops, which keeps the pitch accuracy within 1Hz over the entire musical scale! The average 24 hour drift is less than 0.4Hz at 8Khz, which is less than 0.005%. No other VCO comes remotely close to this drift stability. How is this done? Several ways: careful selection of components is a major factor. Attention to design is coupled with absolutely the best parts, such as military-spec summing resistors (0.1% tolerance at 20ppm drift) and state-of-the-art ultra-low drift op amps. The PC board uses controlled impedance, balanced-pair traces and a low capacitance ground plane. These and many other design details make the MOTM-300 the new standard for modular VCOs. The front panel pots are all cermet, sealed construction for reduced temperature drift. Temperature stability is just one area where the MOTM-300 stands out. Other features include 3 CV inputs (1 fixed at 1V/Octave, the other two can allow up to 1.75 Octaves/Volt scales), Linear FM, PWM, and Hard and Soft Sync. All 4 waveforms are available simultaneously at full 10V peak-to-peak levels. The MOTM-300 is our most difficult kit to assemble. It is NOT for a beginner. But, like all other kits, we have a 100% satisfaction, 30 day return policy. If you have questions about the skill level required, please call us! SIZE: 3.470 inches x 8.720 inches. Mounting holes are 3.0 inches by 8.250 inches (standard rack spacing). #8-32 hardware. Depth behind panel is 4.5 inches. PANEL CONTROLS: Coarse and Fine Initial pitch, FM1 and FM2 attenuators, Initial Pulse Width, Pulse Width Modulation attenuator Switches: FM1 Linear/Exponential response, AC/DC coupling, Hard/Soft Sync JACKS: Sync I/O, 1V/Oct in, FM1 in, FM2 in, Sine, Tri, Saw and Pulse outputs LEVELS: Audio voltages 10V pk-pk, control voltage –7V to +7V; Sync I/O is a 2uS pulse 0-+5V (active high) POWER: +-15VDC at 45ma max. Uses AMP MTA-156 4 position connector and cable (supplied) Be sure to see the seller's other items.

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