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Thursday, December 04, 2008


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"Here’s the official description: MOTM-190: μμμμVCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier)/Ring Modulator Kit difficulty – 2/5 The MOTM-190 is a dual VCA and Ring Modulator in a compact 1U size. The modules contain 2 independent VCAs. VCA#1 can be configured as a VCA or Ring Modulator (RM) by a switch. The top BLEND control acts as either an initial gan setting (VCA mode) or as RM depth (RM mode). In RM mode, the BLEND control mimics the function of the RING lever on a CS-80. The second VCA can operate in Linear or Exponential response. The two panel controls are for initial gain (from 0 to 1) and for CV attenuation. Using an all-discrete design with no “special” chips, the MOTM-190 offers low noise, high dynamic range and “CD quality” sound for a low size and price. SIZE: 1.735 inches x 8.720 inches. Mounting holes are 1.5 inches by 8.250 inches (standard rack spacing). #8-32 mounting bolts included. Depth behind panel is 3.0 inches. PANEL CONTROLS: VCA#1: BLEND and VCA/RM mode switch. VCA #2: Linear/Exponential mode switch, initial GAIN, CV MODulation. JACKS: CV IN, audio IN, and audio OUT (both sections). SIGNAL LEVELS: VCA: CV 0 - 5V, Audio In/Out 10V peak-to-peak (+/-5v) CONTROL LEVELS: 0 to +5V for unity gain. IMPEDANCES: 50k minimum input / 1k output typical POWER: +/-15VDC at 15ma max. Uses AMP MTA-156 4 position connector and cable"

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