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Saturday, November 01, 2008


via this auction
"in MOTM Form Factor. Original PCB design is from THOMAS HENRY
It utilizes the SN76477 to build a versatile CV source unit:
- one gated/delayed LFO (with hold function!) providing triangle and square, trigger and gate outputs.
- one noise source with selectable frequency range and sweep
- one sample & hold with portamento and attenuation

short description:
there is the LFO section. you will choose mode of operation with a switch selecting delay, gate or switch. in delay mode the LFO will start when triggered depending on the delay time - so you can create delayed modulation. in gate mode the lfo is alway on until you plug a cord in (switching jack socket). from now on the LFO is on when a gate signal is present. in switch mode you can perform a "hold". the LFO stops as soon as you close the connected (foot?)switch. a status LED above the mode selector indicates the LFO working. there is a selector for the LFO range, a rate control and a LED indicating the speed of the LFO. there are four outputs: triangle and square wave, the gate and the trigger outputs a derived from the LFO. the gate is derived from the square wave output but going from 0V to approx 10V (or whatever, depending on a resistor value). the trigger is derived from the triangle and delivers a 1ms pulse. don't forget: the output is gateable or controlled by delay or switch!

the S/H section :the S/H is clocked from the LFO trigger and provides a portamento (lag) and depth control.

the noise section: the frequency range of the noise source is selectable by a switch. furthermore there is a filter control (known from the SN voice) and a attenuated cv in for the sweep, which base is set by the initial control. you can select external or internal (LFO) sweep modulation."

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