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Sunday, November 23, 2008

inverse room photosynth Noise generator

via this auction
"Another little oddity from the noise experimentation cupboard.

Up for auction here is a rather rare and unique noise generator called an Inverse room Photosynth.Its basically an oscilaltor / lfo / Light sensitive theramin plus some cross mod buttons and some other weird and rather undocumentable features.I havent got a clue what does what really aside form the lfo and pitch adjust but it makes might strange noises , signals , radiophonic fx , transmitter noises and blips , blurps .A great sample source !

Checkout the jam below ( 7mb) (All sounds are from the photosynth for auction here + some reverb added and a parrot or 2 but al synthetic sounds are this little box ) Definately a wig out machine this one and great fun.Battery operated and working like it should.


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