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Friday, October 31, 2008

Sound Thrasher 3.0 - Analog Synthesizer Synth Noise Box

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"Here’s an original work of functional art, created by New York artist, Bent-It. The piece shown in the pictures is the one you will receive.

With this piece, Bent-It combines visual, audible, and physical stimulation, fostering a truly unique, thought-provoking, interactive work of art. The artist’s fundamental concept of “art creating art” is made evident, as the owner of this piece may physically control and manipulate the audio/sound/noise/music/art output.

The guts of this functional artwork include three oscillators which mess with each other, causing its ¼” output to spit out droning, spaced-out, ring modish, 80’s video game-ish, psychedelic analog noises. The on-off switch can also be flipped rhythmically to create cosmic/spacey, bleeping and blooping. But, to experience the full potential hook it up to audio effect pedals, boards, racks, Mac or PC. The piece also has a ¼” input for anything with a strong enough signal. For example a drum machine which is heard in the audio clips made with a roland tr-505 drum machine.

A standard boss-style 9-volt DC wallwart adapter will bring this functional artwork to life. It is not included."

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