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Monday, September 01, 2008

Yamaha TG77

via this auction
"The TG-77 is like having a super-sized sample-memory workstation with the added synthesis and sounds of a DX-7mkII. For its synthesizer section it employs a 6 operator FM synth engine similar to, if not better than, the original DX's. The FM section offers 45 algorithms, 3 feedback loops and 16 waveforms for creating some of those unique FM sounds. Sampled sounds (AWM) which are in memory (or on external ROM cards) can then be mixed with the FM sounds to create entirely wild new sounds! And these sounds are quite shapeable thanks to the resonant multi stage Time Variant Filters which offer the chance to recreate the warm analog sounds of classic synths, or create something entirely new. The SY-77 features 16 voices of polyphony for the FM section, and another 16 voices for the sampled sounds, there are (32) plenty of voices to go around to build your song. Add the fact that there are 4 independent digital multi-effects which include reverb, delay, chorus, panning and more and you have yourself a classic music production workhorse. It has two sets of stereo outputs and eight individual outputs."

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