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Monday, September 01, 2008

Yamaha TG33

via this auction
""The Multi-talented MIDI Orchestra with Superior Vector Sound & Control"
* Yamaha AWM and FM tone generators for superior sound and tonal versatility.
* Fully programmable 16-channel multiplay multi-timbre mode with 32-note polyphony provides extraordinary versatility for sequencer-driven applications.
o Different voices can be assigned to all 16 MIDI channels and controlled independently from a sequencer, music computer, or other controller transmitting on the appropriate channels.
o The TG33 also provides a considerable amount of control over each voice ina 16-channel multiplay "setup". In the MULT EDIT mode, you can individually program volume, detune, note shift, pan, and output assignment for each voice. Effect type, balance, and send level parameters that affect the entire multi-play setup are also provided.
* 16 memory locations for multi-play set-ups.
o This allows you to create up to 16 original "orchestras" with different combinations of voices that can be recalled whenever needed.
o Multi play setups can also be stored on external memory cards int eh same way as ordinary voices.
* 2-element or 4-element voice architecture brings AWM and FM waveforms together.
* Vector control for 2-axis control of element level and detuning.
* Dynamic level and detune vectors can be recorded easily in real time.
* 128 preset AWM waveforms and 256 preset FM waveforms provide and extensive library of sonic "building blocks" from which to create new voices.
* 128 preset voices and 64 user voice memory locations.
* External memory cards provide limitless backup and storage capability.
o Additional sounds can be purchased on memory cards.
* Easy edit features make creating new voices quick and virtually programming-free.
* When necessary, detailed, in-depth programming parameters are also available.
* 16 internal digital effects including reverb, delay, and distortion
* Dual stereo outputs.
o Each voice in a 16-channel multi-play setup can be assigned to one of two "groups", which can then be assigned to either or both pairs of stereo outputs on the rear panel.
o You can simply separate the voices in your setup into two stereo groups, or combine group assignment with pan to individually assign voices to the four output jacks.
* Built-in Drums.
o Supplies several drum and percussion kits in the form of a single voice, with individual instruments assigned to different MIDI note numbers.
* Other Features:
o Comprehensive MIDI implementation, including bulk dump functions.
o 16-character x 2-line backlit LCD display.
o Master volume control and headphone jack."

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