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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


via this auction
"circuit bent Texas Instruments VOCAID. This unit is called the VOCAID BABELBOX. I have only bent a few of these units over the years but i have never seen another bent one listed on ebay. This unit is similar to the Touch and Tell BABELBOX units but the voice is different and it has way more sounds available in its memory. There are 4 banks of 31 words and phrases that you can change with the settings of 3 switches.

This unit will make bent voice/tone/loop sounds when you turn on any of the bend switches and touch the front panel. You can change the pitch by moving your hand over the photo sensor or touching the body contact and front panel. The size is approx: 14" X 10" X 1.5". The unit uses 2 "D" batteries for power (not included).This is a great instrument for live work or for sampling sounds in the studio.

Here is a list of the circuit bent features:

1 loop switch to catch or freeze sounds and repeat them.

1 loop advance button, press to move to another loop.

2 bend switches that can twist and bend the words and sounds when you press on the holographic panel. You can get the unit to spit out bent words and bent sounds almost endlessly.

1 Glitch button that bends the sound when you press the holographic panel and then press this button.

1 distortion switch that adds fuzz/distortion/pulse sound to the voice or bent sounds.

1 reset button to reset the unit if it crashes.

3 memory bank switches, different settings of the switches give different words on the control surface.

1 tone "on" switch that puts out a nice triangle wave tone that you can "play" with any or all of the pitch controls. This feature works great with the photo sensor control.

1 Pitch change photo sensor switch to turn on/off the photo sensor.

1 Photo sensor that lets you "play" the pitch of the sound by moving your hand over the sensor without touching it, just like playing a theremin! This is one of the best ways to play the sounds on the VOCAID BABELBOX.

1 pitch range switch that sets the range of the pitch from high to low. You can switch from the highest pitch to the lowest just by flipping this switch.

1 pitch change brass knob for body contact. When you touch the knob the pitch of the sound will go down. If you touch the holographic foil label with your other hand, the pitch will go even lower.

1 pitch change pot with ball knob that varies the pitch of the sound in both high and low pitch ranges.(as set by the pitch range switch)

1 pitch change holographic foil front panel works when touching the body contact.

1 audio 1/8"output jack to send the signal to an amp or FX unit.

1 super bright LED in ball on gooseneck that strobes to the sounds that the unit makes and lights up the control surface.

Shiny black paint job with silver marble look.

1 BABELBOX users manual.

This unit is designed for live performance, but it also works great for recording sounds in the studio."

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