Friday, January 25, 2008

Blacet Improbability Drive

via this auction
"i modified this so that external signals can be used for the sample and hold instead of noise which is hard-wired. for the jack i just disconnected the QUANTIZED jack wires and used it because i never used that feature and didn't want to drill a new hole. i can put it back the way it was if the winning bidder wishes (but it's better this way IMO! now instead of random voltages you can insert a sine for stair-stepping for example). see the picture of the wires going to the resistors. also, when building this kit (i'm an electronics technician with a degree so please don't worry about build quality) i troubleshot for weeks trying to get it all working until i finally found the issue, a board fault, a millimeter sized gap in a trace, and fixed it. this often occurs when a particle falls during a manufacturing stage, the rest of the board is fine. was a real learning lesson finding it! see the picture with a wire soldered directly onto the circuit board. it's on there rock solid and not going anywhere. module functions perfectly.

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