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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yamaha CS01 Analogue Synth

via this auction

"This is a true analogue synth in a small package with mini keys. One oscillator with various waveforms including PWM for fatter / detuned style sounds, and white noise for whooshing effects. Fantastic filter with switchable high/low resonance. Envelope generator, LFO switchable between pitch and filter, and the weird but fun glissando mode - when very fast it acts as a normal portamento, but as you slow it down, it actually is running a chromatic scale between the notes! There is also connection for a breath controller - which I did have somewhere… if you win and are interested in purchasing the breath controller I will do my best to find the box it is in...

There’s a couple of minor issues which have never bothered me - the pitch bend doesn’t track an octave accurately - the top end of it lands on an out of tune note… It works fine but it’s hard to control musically. There might be a fine tune pot for that inside but I’m not sure, I’ve never opened it up.

The other issue is it’s been quite loved over the years. I’d still say it’s in good condition, but there is a little wear to some of the legending, and a few small dents and scratches. No cracks though!

Runs on AA batteries! But also on a 9V power supply"

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