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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

RARE Yamaha TQ5 (VINTAGE 4OP FM SYNTH) [Like DX-100 / 21 / 27 / 11 / TX81Z]

via this auction

"This is a 4 Operator FM classic synth/workstation like the DX-100, DX-27, DX-21, DX-11 and TX81Z.

All patches from these models are compatible with the TQ5, so if you are looking for those DX classic sounds, look no further, you can have them right here at a budget price.

The TQ5 has some easy/quick edit buttons, so that you can tweak the main parameters of the synth in a fast and easy way.

Polyphony: 8 voices
Oscillators: 4 FM Operators with 8 wavevorms
Multitimbrality: 8 Parts
Sequencer: 8 Tracks
Envelope: ADSR
Effects: Reverb, Delay, Echo, Distortion, Gate
Midi: In and Out
Memory: 100 preset sounds, 100 user sounds, memory card slot"

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