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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Roland Rhythm 77 TR-77 Analogue Drum Machine Rare 1972 Vintage

via this auction

"Made in 1972, this was the first ever product produced by Roland. It is similar to the Rhythm Ace FR-8L, and soundwise it has much in common with the later CR-78.

It is a large and substantial unit, very high quality construction (they definitely don't make 'em like this any more) and it sounds fabulous - warm vintage beats and percussion. The rhythms are preset, but can be mixed together, also there are various set beats for the bass and snare that can be mixed in to produce a huge variety of different rhythms. There are volume sliders for some instruments and percussion groups, which adds even more flexibility.

This is definitely one of Rolands finest vintage drum machines, almost as good as a CR-78 for a fraction of the price. This example is in very good original condition. It works perfectly and comes with copies of the user manual and service notes."

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