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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kawai K4r Vintage 80's Synthesizer Rack Mount Module

via this auction

Polyphony : 16-voices, 8-part multitimbral
Oscillators : 16-Bit PCM digital synthesizer
Filter : Digital Dynamic Filter
Control : MIDI
Outputs : 8
Date Produced : 1989

The K4 from Kawai can be thought of as a warm and fuzzy digital synthesizer. A sample-based digital synth, its sounds are those typically weird industrial type sounds that can still be useful in lo-fi, big-beat and trip hop music styles. The sounds are 16-bit preset PCM samples of acoustic instruments.

The K4r is the eight output rackmount version which has all the same features except for the effects processor."

However it adds extra outputs on the back.

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