Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vintage Moog Prodigy Synthesizer Keyboard Model 336A SN 9365

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Note this is a controller and does not produce sound. It's also NOT a MIDI controller. It uses a soviet 5DIN plug and is meant to be used the Formanta UDS & MARSH UDS drum sets.

"The unit has one connection plug - Soviet 5DIN. It's used as an addition to FORMANTA UDS and MARSH UDS drum sets. MINT condition, comes in original packing with shoulder stripe and connection cable. It has 7 buttons on the front side and 2 on the back. According to manual while tapping the "SPHERIC THING" the unit sends trigger commands to the control module. Probably it can trigger any drum machine or kinda. The unit has a velocity-sensitive piezo trigger pad under sphere and nine red knobs: seven on the front for choosing which drum sound you wanted to trigger from the synth and two back knobs for switching "preset" or "synth" sound mode on the synthesizer."

Roland JX-3P

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Korg Poly 800 MK II Synthesizer

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Yamaha FS1r

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Korg MS2000

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Circuit Bent Modified Casio Sk-1

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"This auction is for a, circuit-bent Casio Sk-1.

If you want to truly enjoy the benefits of a circuit bent instrument, the Casio Sk-1 is the most versatile of all machines in the genre.

This one is ready to apply endless layers of textures, pads, and innumerable freshly morphed original sounds into your music.

Circuit-bent SK-1's create incredibly strange sounds and beats.

Ive added a seperate LFO circuit that animates the sounds and sampled sounds for modulation.

Also, an opto cell that allows for theremin type of pitch work and total chaos in other patches.

Another mod is an led with ON/OFF switch that adds a modulating envelope glitch.

In addition, it has 9 bend switches that add strange modulations, algorithmic brain wave oscillations, insect emulations, whacked out drum beats, chaotic bass, syncopated rhythms, flanging, echoing, looping, the effects go on and on for incredible combinations only limited by your imagination.

Ive added a control knob on the front that allows you to dial out the drums. The ability to eliminate some sounds is invaluable to say the least.

It also comes with an ATARI joystick port (joystick NOT included) that renders INCREDIBLE effects in each direction the joystick is moved as well as the button for cool effects that mimic some vintage Atari video game sounds.

Also, theres a pitch control knob with switch that allows you to choose between the original clock or a precission oscillator . This pitch knob greatly effects pitch several octaves. Im using the getlofi ltc1799..."

Vintage Moog Taurus Bass 13 Pedal Synthesizer

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