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Thursday, May 30, 2013


via this auction
Note this is a controller and does not produce sound. It's also NOT a MIDI controller. It uses a soviet 5DIN plug and is meant to be used the Formanta UDS & MARSH UDS drum sets.

"The unit has one connection plug - Soviet 5DIN. It's used as an addition to FORMANTA UDS and MARSH UDS drum sets. MINT condition, comes in original packing with shoulder stripe and connection cable. It has 7 buttons on the front side and 2 on the back. According to manual while tapping the "SPHERIC THING" the unit sends trigger commands to the control module. Probably it can trigger any drum machine or kinda. The unit has a velocity-sensitive piezo trigger pad under sphere and nine red knobs: seven on the front for choosing which drum sound you wanted to trigger from the synth and two back knobs for switching "preset" or "synth" sound mode on the synthesizer."

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