Sunday, May 12, 2013

Intellijel Dr Octature LFO/VCO/Filter

via this auction

"Another fine module from Intellijel, the Dr. Octature is a multifunctional wonder. Not only is it a filter with eight phase seperated outputs (four pairs of 180 degree seperated filter slope pairs) but you can whack the resonance and frequency up and it becomes a lovely sine VCO or LFO again with the eight outputs. Also has two FM inputs for further sound manipulation, this is a funky little module that really adds a lot to many setups. Plus each output has a lovely green LED and when it's self oscillating they form a lovely sinewave shape. Very beautiful eyecandy!"

Make Noise Echophon

via this auction

"Really really lovely eurorack echo effect with pitchshifter too. Full of CV control points making it really easy to create beat-synced echos with tuned pitch shifts. Makes stuff sound amazing, frankly."