Thursday, October 03, 2013

Waldorf Micro Q Keyboard

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"Huge Power in a Handy Keyboard (Made In Germany)
Small but handy and affordable keyboard with huge power: the Waldorf micro Q keyboard. Its synthesis and basic sound comes from the Waldorf Q Synthesizers packed in a 3-octave keyboard version. Not only the expensive sound of the Waldorf Q was implemented: also the powerful arpeggiator and the more than useful Drum Map can be found in the Waldorf Micro Q. It's time to get high-quality sound for a small amount of money! The micro Q keyboard got exactly the same sound engine as the micro Q rack and therefore exactly the same features, apart from the keyboard controls and the pedal inputs on the back of the micro Q keyboard.

16 part multi-timbral
300 single programs
100 multi programs
20 drum maps
6 endless dials
16 buttons for editing
2 x 20 character display
3-octave keyboard with aftertouch
1 hold pedal input
1 CV pedal input
Built-in universal voltage power supply
6 analog outputs (3 stereo outs)
2 analog inputs (1 stereo in)
MIDI In/Out/Thru

Dark blue metallic color

Per voice:
Up to 25 voices, expandable up to 75 voices

Up to 5 Oscillators per voice
Pulse with Pulse Width Modulation
2 wavetables with 128 waves each and suboscillator per alt-wave

Noise generator

Ring Modulator

Mixer with Balance, each signal source (oscillator, noise, ringmod, external audio material) can be balanced individually between filter 1 and filter 2

2 Filters, different types, all including FM and distortion
Low Pass (12dB/24dB)
Band Pass (12dB/24dB)
High Pass (12dB/24dB)
Notch (12dB/24dB)
Comb Filter (positive/negative feedback)

Modulation Matrix with 16 slots, freely routable

Pre-routed Modulation destinations, sources selectable

Modulation update frequency in audio range to allow the oscillators to be used as modulation sources

4 Modifiers

Arpeggiator with user pattern, including accents, timing information, swing, glide, chords and more

3 LFOs up to audio range

4 envelopes, enhanced ADSR configuration with loop and one shot function, bipolar

Different trigger modes for each envelope, poly, mono, dual, unisono, manual trigger, etc.

2 individual high-quality effects per single program, up to 5 effects in total in Multimode

Effect Types:
5 FX
and lots lots more..."

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