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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kawai Teisco S-100P

via this auction

"Kawai S-100P Analogue Synthesizer c.1979

This is a 37 key monophonic preset synth from around 1979 which is often seen under the Teisco brand (please see the web on Kawai's purchase of the Teisco Synth brand). This synth is similar in concept to Roland's SH-2000. The instrument has 32 present sounds which you access via flip switches on the front of the instrument. There are two built in analogue effects - Flanger and a spring reverb. There are some performance controls such as Pitch-Bend, Filter, Brilliance, Octave Up/Down, Modulation Rate, Portamento Time, Tune, Volume and three keyboard triggering modes. The keyboard also has aftertouch with a sensitivity control..."

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