Friday, September 06, 2013

Kyma Pacarana Symbolic Sound Sound Design DSP Processing Unit

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"Everything is in perfect condition (although the books are a little creased). it cost me 4400 euros (with huge international shipping/customs costs). You'll be saving a lot buying it from me.

Contents of the package are:

- Pacarana DSP hardware (4 processors / 2GB of RAM, firmware updates also available online)
- Kyma X software CD (updates available online after installation)
- Firewire cable (FW800 to FW800)
- Kyma X Revealed by Carla Scaletti
- power Supply
- Original box + documentation
- rackmount kit

I assume if your reading this you seriously practice (or intend to seriously practice) sound design, and are aware of Carla & Kurt at Symbolic Sound and the software/hardware they produce.

You need a compatible audio interface to run the pacarana! It hasn't got build-in I/Os so it uses an audio interface as a conduit. A list of them are at this address...

The manual (Kyma X Revealed) takes you through those layers in an excellent, easy-to-read manner. Online video tutorials + the Kyma community are also great sources of knowledge. Some factory presets are included but they are short lived. Most of it's power is in your own custom-made presets.

The technical support at Symbolic Sound is phenomenal and you have an online Kyma community 'Kyma.Tweaky' that helps each other out. You'll need to register anyway to be able to download the regular software upgrades."

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