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Monday, September 30, 2013

Crumar Bit One digital Analog Synthesizer

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"The Crumar Bit One is a 1984 digital analog hybrid synthesizer with 12 digital oscillators, 6 voices with 2 osc's per voice. It has some awesome sounds typical of the vintage analog synths. It has digital oscillators that are always in tune. A detune slider allows for slightly detuning the 2nd set of oscillators for a very fat rich sound.

This synth has a special circuit added for precise pulse width modulation of the square waves by a precision triangle wave. This allows you to easily create the analog string sounds that are so popular. This is a huge performance boost and the string sounds are beautiful! This pulse width mod board plugs into a connector inside the synth. 2 keys are slightly damaged so I have included 5 hammond keys to assist in restoring those keys..."

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