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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Yamaha TQ5 FM Tone Generator / Synth / Sequencer with Original Box & RAM Card

via this auction - learn how to sell on eBay here.

"The TQ5 is a FM Workstation in a keyboardless, sparsely decorated desktop unit. It takes after the line of FM synthesizers like the DX-100, DX-21, DX-11, TX81Z, and FB-01. These featured 4 FM operators per voice, and 8 voices of polyphony. And like the latter three, 8-parts multitimbrality was featured. The TQ5 also has easy "Quick Edit" keys to access some basic parameters for instant tweaks.The TQ5 is capable of many of the good sounds FM synthesizers made.

The TQ5 featured built-in digital effects and an 8-track sequencer (with 8 song capacity) rounding out the "workstation" aspect of this machine. Designed for use as a stand-alone FM workstation or as a MIDI module, the TQ5 was poised to bring high-end FM sounds to entry-level users."

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