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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


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Carefully selected algorithms

Sixteen effects for groove applications include a “filter’, “isolator” and even a “Synth” algorithm that can be used as a monophonic synthesizer.

Step Modular with up to sixteen steps

A “step modulator” allows you to change effect settings to specified values, letting you create new sounds that cannot be produced simply by turning knobs. By modulating synth, you can even produce sequenced phrases

Patch memory

Provides patch memory which allows you to store up to sixteen effects setups or step modulator settings for immediate recall when desired

Synthesizer function

The effect algorithms include three algorithms that can be used as monophonic synthesizers. The EF-303 can even play synth sounds by itself. By using this in conjunction with the step modulator, you can intuitively express your own personal phrases

BPM auto detect function

The EF303 features the auto bpm counter that has been popular on roland DJ mixers. BPM can be detected automatically from an analog record making it easy to synchronize effect cycles

Monitor (effect cue) function

The monitor function lets you audition just the effect sounds through the headphones. This allows more accurate DJ performances in lie situations

MIDI support

By connecting an external sound module to the MIDI connector you can use the EF303 as a midi step sequencer. It provides MIDI start/Stop functionality, and can easily be synchronized with an external MIDI device. By connecting various MIDI devices you can construct your own personalized DJ system for an even broader universe of sounds

Wide range of input jacks

In addition to mic and line input jacks, the EF303 also supports phono input, allowing a turntable to be connected directly.


Effects: 16
Step modulator: Track: 1 /Step 16/tempo 20-240
Patch Memory: 16
AD conversion:20 bit linear
DA conversion: 20 bit linear
Sampling Freq:44.1kHz

input (Line/Phono) : RCA L/R
Input Mic: 1/4” Jack
Output: RCA type (L/R)
Phones; Stereo ¼” jack
GND terminal"

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