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Friday, July 19, 2013

Korg KingKORG 61-key analog modeling synthesizer

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"Ready for live performance.

KingKORG is the full-fledged analog modeling synthesizer you've been waiting for. It carries on the design philosophy of classic Korg analog synthesizers such as the MS-20 and the Mono/Poly, which gave rise to the Prophecy, the Z1, the MS2000, and the RADIAS. This exciting new instrument delivers the unique characteristics of a dedicated synthesizer, especially the fun of transforming the sound by tweaking an impressive array of knobs. While technologically impressive, KingKORG is approachable even to players who are new to synthesizers. And it particularly shines on stage, not only with its great sound, but also literally with a gorgeous champagne gold finish, befitting its royal name – KingKORG.

Product Highlights:

A full-fledged, 61-key analog modeling synthesizer designed for live performance
Powerful oscillators that are understandable to the beginner, yet satisfying for the expert
Modeling filters that reproduce the sound of classic instruments
Three master effect sections (each with six effect types) add the finishing touch to your sound
Vacuum tube driver circuit adds rich overtones and powerful distortion
New panel layout designed for intuitive operation
CV/GATE OUT jack lets you control a Korg monotribe or MS-20
Support for librarian software that lets you manage programs..."

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