Friday, May 17, 2013

MAM ADX1 Midi Drum Synthesizer

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"date produced - 1999

Bass (kick) - modulation, tune, fm depth, fm tune, bend, attack, release, DISTORTION, pan, volume

Synth (synth perc) - modulation, tune 1/2/3, tune2, tune3, fm depth, bend attack, release, pan, volume

Snare - tune, modulation(of freq cutoff1), cutoff1, resonance1, cutoff2, resonance2, decay, release, pan, volume

Hihat - tune1, mix1/2, modulation(of freq cutoff), resonance, env mod(filter mod), decay, release, pan, volume

Metal (crash/hat) - modulation(of cutoff1), cutoff1, resonance1, cutoff2, env mod2(filter2 mod), mix1/2, decay, release, pan, volume

The pan pot associated with each sound section is described as a ‘Panorama’ control which
adjusts the respective volume of the right and left side with regards to the master output. ‘Volume’ adjusts the level of the individual channels.

master output pot

each sound section has it's own trigger button (not velocity sensitive)

midi control IS velocity sensitive"

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