Saturday, May 18, 2013

Future Retro XS

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"This is a special and unique boutique analogue synthesizer from Future Retro. This is discreet analogue like the great vintage synthesizers such as the Jupiter 8 & Oberheim OB-X - not a cheaper 'synth on a chip' analogue like companies like Dave Smith and most others are producing. Furthermore the envelopes and LFO are also fully analogue It is extremely flexible allowing you to fully re-route the audio, input external signals such as a guitar or even use it to form the basis of a modular synthesizer. It's sound is rich and powerful and is one of the few synths to actually have a true sine wave.

The multimode filter self-oscillates and has it's very own analogue distortion to add even more warmth and fatness if you use it subtly or if you prefer you can turn it into a screaming beast. The synth can sound very smooth and beautiful or raw and distorted and nasty depending on how you use it. The oscillators can each be overdriven to provide that warm tone and when added to the analogue filter distortion super character can be achieved.

It also has it's very own unique features such as selectable envelope shapes - superb for percussive synthesis especially. It also features velocity sensitivity for expression and two amp separate amp envelopes can be triggered depending on velocity. This is especially powerful as you can program it so for hard key presses it can have long envelops and for soft presses the other envelope can be used to give an organic variety to your playing - I don't think this option exists on any other synthesizer.


Semi-Modular (Extremely Flexible Creative Routing Possible)

Multimode Analogue Filter (Lowpass / Bandpass / Highpass)

Variable Filter Distortion

Velocity Sensitive

3 Analogue Envelopes (Including An Innovative & Unique Accent Envelope)

Pulse Width Modulation

2 Discreet Analogue Oscillators

1 Discreet Analogue Sub Oscillator

Sine Wave For Deep Earth Shaking Sub Bass

Analogue LFO With Sync

Fast & Snappy Fully Analogue Envelopes

Midi To CV Converter - Handy For Vintage Synth Owners

Highly Tweakable - No Useless Presets - The Knobs Always Reflect The Exact Sound You Hear

Superb Build Quality & Smooth Knobs..."

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