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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yamaha DX200 FM Synth Loop Factory

via this auction

"Yamaha DX200 "groovebox" style desktop synth. What sets this device apart from all the other shitty grooveboxes is that its synthesizer is a Yamaha DX7, and unlike all the other FM synthesizers Yamaha produced, this one actually has KNOBS to control many of the weird FM synthesis parameters. This thing can produce bizarre, klanging, otherworldly noise; ringing bells, harsh or ringing analog-style synth lines, noise percussion, as well as more "standard" sounds. Since it's a groovebox type device, it's got a crappy drum machine built into it, but you can either use it with its built-in looping sequencer or simply play it as a MIDI synth module from another keyboard or software..."

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