Friday, April 26, 2013

LELL UDS Soviet Drum Synth

via this auction

"This LELL UDS set including:
- Drum Module unit
- two original Drum Pads (with rubber surface)
-3 original Connecting Cables (with original soviet 5-pin Din sockets)
-Album with Manual&Schematics (on Russian)
-Rear Panel Translation Diagram(on English)

• Synthesis System - Analogue subtractive.
• Polyphony - monophonic.

• Oscillators: VCO x 2 + Noise x 2, Oscillators Waves: sawtooth, square.

• Controls on rear panel for each channel: Gain, Tone, Attack, Release, Space, Frequency, Filter. There is also switch and balance between noise & tone generators and master level.

• Connectors on the rear panel - Audio IN 1, IN 2, Output - on 5-pin Din!!!

• Modul Weight: 5 kg"

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