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Monday, February 04, 2013

Use Audio Plugiator Desktop Synthesizer Fully Loaded

via this auction

"There are several synths included in this (Fully Expanded) version:

Use Audio legal way of saying "MiniMoog" that's what it is!! Sounds just like the real thing and it looks like it too when you use the freely available editing software!

Want some organ? Well... here you go... just about every organ emulation imaginable!!! Serious quality here... this is enough reason to buy the unit on it's own!!

Wavetable synthesis in the way Korg made famous in the 90's! Very versatile stuff!

Yep... Mr Blue Sky is back in town!! Amaze your friends with your robot voices!! This is a seriously good Vocoder in it's own right!

No prizes for anyone getting the legal work around here... but for those who don't know vintage synths from their nan's birdcage, this is a faithful (and I mean totally authentic) recreation of an Arp Odyssey (and the reason I bought the unit to be honest). A brilliant - BRILLIANT - emulation of a classic synth!

Pro 12
Aye... add eleven (for no obvious reason) on to a Sequential Circuits classic and you get this monster! Possibly one of the best sounding synth in the unit! Very phat and powerful.

DX7 - Fm sounding flimsy crap... hey - if you like this kind of thing, it can do that too! Seriously though, it sounds better than your average FM thing - more like the higher end units. Worth a look at least.

Drums and Bass
Rounds of the package nicely. If you've got the stamina to work your way through the above mentioned synths. The Drums and Bass section is there to offer some rhythmic relief from the sheer synth-awesomeness that went before!"

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