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Monday, February 11, 2013

Oberheim Matrix 6R Synthesizer

via this auction


BITLEY™ said...

This one is funny. It's worth quite a lot of money today, at least somewhere in between of the MKS-50 and the MKS-70.

I have a Kawai K3m and I think it outperforms the Matrix 6R in most aspects, yet it's valued just about the same as the MKS-50.

matrix said...

The M6 has a pretty extensive modulation matrix including two Ramps and tracking generator. The K3m doesn't but the K3m does have more digital waveforms. The K3 has SSM based filters which some prefer over the CEM filters in the M6. They are different but if you are looking for modulation capabilities the M6 is pretty underated. It has more in that regard than the MKS-50 or MKS-70.