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Monday, February 04, 2013

MFB Synth II

via this auction

"Features include:

3 voltage controlled analog oscillators (saw/triangle/pulse waveforms); VCO3 can be used to modulate oscillator 2 pitch; VCO 2/3 can be pitched an octave up/down to VCO 1 & can also ring modulate VCO 1; VCO 1/2 oscillator sync.
1 voltage controlled 24dB 4 pole analog filter (Moog ladder style) with controls for cutoff, resonance, keyboard tracking and envelope amount. Filter self-oscillates at high resonance settings.
2 voltage controlled low frequency oscillators (triangel/saw/square/random waveforms); can modulate VCO/VCA/VCF and can be used in one-shot mode as a simple envelope.
2 voltage controlled 4-stage envelopes (attack/decay/sustain/release) to modulate VCO/VCA/VCF
4-stage mixer for VCO's 1-3 and a white noise generator
variable glide
MIDI in/out, CV gate in (1V/octave), filter in (to process outside audio through the VCF), audio out.
25 button keyboard (sends MIDI)
32-step sequencer (25 pattern memory) transposable via MIDI or onboard keyboard; takes external MIDI clock or internal clock.
99 preset memory (50 ROM/49 RAM).
It's a bit of a Swiss Army knife styled module. Works great as a module, as a sequencer or even as a complete synth (as long as you're not Rick Wakeman or something). It can do pretty much any style of electronic music you'd ever want to make."

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